Irish Whiskey Marketing Insights by Stuart McNamara

Stuart was interviewed by the Editor of Irish Tech News about Irish Whiskey Marketing and the role of Digital Marketing in the renaissance of the Irish Whiskey industry.

In the interview, Stuart outlines the lessons that the Irish Whiskey Industry belatedly learned from the Scotch Whisky who went through a similar renaissance in the 1920s.

Stuart tells how he inadvertently became the saviour and custodian of Irish Whiskey digital brand after failing to convince the powers that be in the Irish Whiskey industry of the value of the Irish Whiskey as a sector online. He explains how this left him no option but to put his own money on the line to secure the domain and other domains to secure and protect the Irish Whiskey Digital Brand and outlines his future plans for the brand including the further development of the established Irish Whiskey Trail and Irish Whiskey Day on 3rd March.

He highlights the lack of a collaborative approach and joined up thinking to Irish Whiskey branding at strategic and sectoral level which he ascribes to the knowledge chasm between experienced whiskey marketeers at board and strategic marketing level with the newer and young tech-savvy digital marketing gurus in the Irish Whiskey industry do not yet have enough strategic vision and experience to act as a sector as well as individual Irish Whiskey brands.

West Cork Whiskey

Finally Stuart talks about what is going right in Irish Whiskey Marketing and expresses his support for the new independent Irish Whiskey Distilleries and Brands who remain true to their core vales, innovation and passions despite the efforts of the larger forces in the Irish Whiskey Industry to enforce safe and predictable conformation in the Irish Whiskey market. In particular, he mentions West Cork Distillers, Hyde Whiskey and Glendalough Whiskey.

For the full interview on Irish Tech News, see Irish Whiskey Marketing Insights with Stuart McNamara




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